Exterminators Now: How to Survive in the Industry


With the presence of stubborn pests in houses and establishments, pest control specialists or exterminators have become a demanding job. They are the right people to back us up when we can no longer deal with bugs, termites, ants, roaches, and other kinds of pests. With only a few steps to follow, one can already become a pest control specialist. You just need a high school diploma and the right training programs to ace the certification exam and earn a license. But as its popularity rises, the competition becomes tighter. Thus, you need to extend the effort to be alive in the industry.

Set up an online office. This increases your chances of finding more clients. At KDG, it has been our goal to help business people find their place over the internet. We will create your website and make it the right office for people who look for Exterminators Now. For sixteen years, we have proven our skills to many companies that needed to be seen in a bigger scope.

Take your career to the next level. Being a pest control technician is your gateway to a better opportunity. When you gain more experience, you can advance your career to becoming a pest control applicator. This will require you to ace another exam. After many years of being an expert applicator, becoming a certified supervisor should be your next step.

Continuing education should be completed. Exterminators Now know that pest control management constantly changes. This is why a lot of them participate in continuing education in order to be updated with the changes they need to keep up with.

Be aware of the risks. Using pesticides is risky because of the toxic chemicals you are exposed to, especially on a daily basis. Although the effect may not be immediate, it is important to know that long term exposure causes health issues that may be difficult to cure. Thus, you have to take extra precautions to reduce your risk.

Lessen your exposure. Always wear your Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. Take a shower when you get home from work and make it a habit to wash clothes immediately.