Exterminators Now – How to get rid of Fleas


One of the most common pests that Exterminators Now deal with are fleas that transmit dozens of diseases and bacterial infections. Flea eradication requires the services of professional Exterminators Now because they have skills and knowhow on the proper methods to eliminate the problem and prevent any future infestations.

The traditional method used by Exterminators Now is to treat the pet and the premises simultaneously. However, modern products are now available to eliminate fleas on pets in the form of oral medication and topical "spot-on" solutions including sprays, collars and shampoos. However, Exterminators Now suggests reading the product label for correct formulation and dosage.

Fleas on pets can quickly spread in and out of the home. Unlike other pests, fleas bite animals as well as humans. Flea bites can result to intense itching and irritation. When the pet dog is sensitive to bites, veterinary intervention many be required.

Aside from skin irritations, fleas can transmit tapeworms and bacterial infections Flea eradication on pets may require consultation with a veterinarian because there are products that worked well in the past but less effective nowadays. There are flea populations that have developed resistance to certain insecticides.

Dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to fleas. Adult fleas consume up to 15 times their body weight in blood every day. Fleas have the ability to jump vertically up to 6 inches. Fleas can gain access to a home through stray dogs or cats or the shoes and pant legs of a family member. Within minutes of jumping on a pet, fleas will immediately feed on the animal's blood.

Even if adult fleas do not stay in the carpet, the eggs of the fleas can fall on carpets and under cushions and furniture and in places where the pet rests, sleeps or spends time. During pest control, it is important to pay attention to these areas.

During a severe flea infestation, both pets and family members will suffer. It is more appropriate to treat the premises at the same time as the pets. To improve the penetration of pest control products, carpets must be vacuumed including areas beneath furniture and beds. Always follow the instructions found on the container.